Frequently Asked Question

What is NDIS?

The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a government-funded program in Australia. The program aims to support people with a permanent and significant disability by improving their quality of life and increasing their level of independence. The NDIS achieves this goal by providing funding for necessary supports and services.

Am I eligible for the NDIS?

The NDIS offers specialised care to residents of Australia between 7 and 65 years of age who may be eligible. If you experience a significant impact on your daily life due to disability and require assistance from others or the use of equipment to perform tasks, you may qualify for NDIS support.
To determine your eligibility, you can check the NDIS Eligibility Checklist webpage.

How to apply for NDIS?

If you believe you are eligible for disability support but are not currently receiving any, you will need to complete an Access Request form. These forms can be obtained from your Local Area Coordinator, an Early Childhood Early Intervention partner (if your child is under seven), your local National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) office, or by contacting 1800 800 110.
For more information on how to apply, you can visit “How to apply” webpage.

How much do services cost?

We tailor our services to meet your individual needs and circumstances. Moreover, if you receive government funding, it covers the specified services. Additionally, if you desire additional services, we will provide a clear breakdown of the costs. Similarly, if you do not have funding, we will also offer a transparent breakdown of the costs. The purpose of this breakdown is to empower you to make an informed choice. Consequently, based on the provided cost breakdown, you can decide which services you would like us to provide.

Is it possible to change NDIS providers?

Yes, you can switch NDIS providers if you are unsatisfied with your current support .If you are searching for an NDIS provider that prioritises your needs and offers customized, person-centered support, Enable Hub may be a good fit. We tailor NDIS plans to suit your requirements and provide a team of support workers who invest time in understanding you and your needs.

Find out how to switch providers by simply giving us a call at 1300317770

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